Database or gameplay analysis:

I would like to offer a new possibility to analyze the game that would allow to significantly shorten the time of detecting errors in the strategy that you use.

Instead of spending long and boring hours analyzing your own base and searching for leaks, now you can email your hands and receive a detailed report file with a list of mistakes and places in the game on which you should concentrate.


The research system allows for the most detailed analysis of the game compared to similar offerings. More than 1600 filters are used, allowing you to identify the line of play in which you have shown a negative profit (minus) or, in some "expensive" lines, an inadequate plus.
Thanks to this method of technical analysis of the game, it is possible to save a significant amount of time, and also the data obtained will help you take a comprehensive look at the game strategy you use and your methods of decision-making.
Game analysis is produced using usual one-on-one pots (SRP 1vs1), three-bet pots or multipots are not processed.

What is included in the report, statistical data:

After you sent the hands to be analyzed, in 5-10 hours you will receive an email with a report file.
The report is an Excel-file, which contains both general information about your play as a caller and a preflop raiser, as well as data found in the minus lines of four game situations: Caller in position (Caller IP), Caller out of position (Caller OOP), Preflop raiser in position (PFR IP), Preflop raiser out of position (PFR OOP).

Part #1 PreFlop

General information about the preflop raiser/caller game (in/out of position):
  • Resulted profit in bb, on every situation
  • Play statistics against vs 90bb/50bb/40bb

Part #2-5 PostFlop (Caller IP/Caller OOP/PFR IP/PFR OOP)

Main lines of play: Lines with a negative profit
  • Frequency of use (STAT%)
  • Percentage comparison of your profit with similar play of regulars of your limit
  • Amount of samples/amount of situations
  • Percentage comparison of your profit with similar play of regulars of your limit
  • ​​Final line profit in bb

Lines of play divided my hand strength: Value / Medium value / Draw / Bluff
  • Frequency of use (STAT%)
  • Amount of samples/amount of situations
  • ​Final line profit in bb

Using the report:

This study is intended to identify strategy locations where you encounter the greatest "gaps" in the game, and the report clearly shows with what "hands" and in what situations decisions were not sufficiently scrutinized.

«TOTAL» Page: profit data by position, when you play as a caller (Caller IP/OOP) and preflop raiser (PFR IP/OOP), including against different stacks (Total/vs90bb/50bb/40bb).


TOTAL: -30% Profit: -724.9bb (-35%)
-30%: comparison in percentages of your calling statistics out of position with the corresponding indicators of the regulars of your limit (how more or less often do you call in position, in this example, the player calls 30% less than the average at his limit)
-724.9bb: final profit of the caller while playing in position
- 35%: comparison of the profit with the corresponding indicators of the regulars of your limit
vs40, vs50bb и 90bb: information about play against 35-45bb, 45-55bb and 85-95bb opponents

Caller OOP Page: a list of minus lines as a caller out of position.
The page shows Main lines and separately Lines divided by hand strength (Value / Medium Value / Draw / Bluff).


Clarification #1: To facilitate the post-flop analysis and to achieve a "visual" understanding of the game, all Main lines of play are supplemented by Lines divided by hand strength, with positive, and negative profit.

Clarification #2: For some variations of plays the sample may be insufficient, therefore in order to produce statistically valid conclusions and to avoid additional errors, a minimum sample threshold for inclusion in the report of 5 cases for each line of play is set for all lines.

Main line of play

Donk two barrels: 45% (-8%) Samples: 36/765 Profit: -170.7bb (107%)
45%: Frequency of use(STAT%)
-8%: Percentage comparison of the frequency of your action with corresponding actions of the regulars of your limit
66/144: Amount of samples/amount of situations
-16,3bb: Final profit of the bb line.
-107%: Percentage comparison of your profit with the corresponding game of regulars of your limit

Number of using filters for making report (Holdem No-limit):
Preflop: 16 items
Single raised pots (SRP): 1638 items
Number of hands for analysis:
from 60k to 100k

$65: NL25/NL50
$85: NL100
$125: NL200
$185: NL400
for NL500+ (information in skype)

skype: NoteCaddy.ProTools

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