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      I'm reading this forum long time, but i didn't posting so much, but i realize that i wanna open some blog and want pokerstrategy forum to be my host :) )

      Soo... little bit about me: I'm 25 years old guy from Croatia, playing poker about 3 years, but last year and half is seriously... i'm playing on pacific right now(lucky ace) and last summer i was shutting 50nl(i was pretty happy with results) and even arrange some coaching with one nl100-200 winning player!!! But then come summer and i spend almost entire Bank on fooling around.... So, i want back there and i open this blog for some motivation, advices, and help :) )))

      i'll here present my basic plans:

      Begining of project is 5.2.2014(start with 6nl) end of project 1.1.2015(winning reg on 50nl)


      february 30k hands is goal( i had some examses, birthdays etc...)
      march 70k hands

      min expected winnrate on 6nl 12/100bb

      expected winnings until 1.april is $720(cashout 500$)

      bank on 1. april is 430$--- mouve up on 10nl

      10nl--- min expected winnings 7/100bb

      april: 70k hands(expected winnings 490$ - 300 for cashout)

      bank on 1. may $620

      may:70k hands(expected winnings 490$ - 300$ for cashout)

      bank on 1.june is 820----- mouve up on 20nl

      nl20---min expected winnings 5/100bb

      june: 70k hands(expected winnings 700$ - 300 for cashout)

      bank on 1. july 1210$

      july:70k hands(expected winnings 700$ - 250$ for cashout)

      bank on 1. august is 1660$

      august: 50k hands(expected winnings 500$ - 250$ for cashout)

      bank on 1.september is 1910--- and here will be my first shut on 50nl

      this is my general plan, and i know that is not so good for planning so long ahead, and planning winnings, but i just needed to do that for me :)

      This plan is liable to change, but if it is necessary it won't be big changes

      i'll post my updates and hand for analize minimum once a week, but think so that will be more often...

      P.S. sry if my english is not so well :) )
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