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4.40$ PL Omaha high low FT AJJ3ss

    • Dyszka90
      Joined: 04.05.2009 Posts: 1,683
      PokerStars Omaha Tournament, 1,250/2,500 Blinds (7 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from

      saw flop | saw showdown

      BB (t32,214)
      UTG (t122,272)
      MP1 (t40,042)
      MP2 (t56,258)
      CO (t93,424)
      Button (t16,528)
      Hero (SB) (t65,262)

      Hero's M: 17.40

      Preflop: Hero is SB with J, A, J, 3
      UTG raises to t5,000, 1 fold, MP2 calls t5,000, 2 folds, Hero calls t3,750, BB calls t2,500

      Flop: (t20,000) J, 5, A (4 players)
      Hero bets t12,000, 1 fold, UTG calls t12,000, MP2 calls t12,000

      Turn: (t56,000) 3 (3 players)
      Hero bets t15,000, UTG calls t15,000, MP2 calls t15,000

      River: (t101,000) 4 (3 players)
      Hero checks, UTG checks, MP2 bets t24,258 (All-In), Hero folds, 1 fold

      Total pot: t101,000

      Results below:

      MP2 didn't show

      gpod sizing on the flop? Scary card but i decited to bet one more time. Better to just check? If no scary card on the turn and 2 calls turn = all in i think
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    • badgerer
      Joined: 29.03.2010 Posts: 555
      preflop: 13500 in the pot, i prefer squeezing all in and trying to win it without showdown. your hand is strong but doesn't play well multi-way.

      flop: it looks better than it is, you need the board to pair before you should truly feel good about your hand therefore im not too keen on your donk bet, but im sure others would disagree with me.

      i would either bet more (probably all in) or if utg can be relied on to cbet often go for a ck/shove. its not that big of a disaster if your ck/shove attempt fails, you can easily get off your hand if the turn is ugly and if its safe you have a disguised monster.

      turn: its ugly, theres no shame in ck/folding.

      river: unlucky. well played.

      edit: i just noticed this is pl not nl... just replace ck/shove with ck/pot. also in the light of this i would lean far more towards a check on the flop.
    • amater0001
      Joined: 07.04.2011 Posts: 192
      I don't like flop at all.
      Counterfeited low draw + mediocre hi in multiway pot (a few outs to most likely best fh + hoping not to see any more low cards and clubs on the board), which all in all doesn't give u very good equity.
      I don't bet flop here and hope for checks behind. Perhaps your low block bet is OK (anyone with 2 wheel cards or 2 clubs most likely don't fold here).
      As played the flop, definitely c/f the turn! There's A2xx , 24xx and clubs definitely somewhere.

      I'd probably reraise small (I like minbets/minraises to annoy NLHE folks) pf to avoid multiway pot.

      btw: I play only CG plo8 2-5 (never under 100 bb) so I don't even know how to correcty play at effective 10-20 bb :)
    • londonsystem
      Joined: 19.11.2008 Posts: 747
      Flop is O.K. from OOP. On the turn, you might still have nut high, but pretty vulnerable if anyone is drawing for 2-6 straight or wheel, if not yet made.

      I think it depends much on tournament stages. I would c/f on turn most of the times if I'm ITM or far from bubble.

      If it is near bubble, I would bet pot (all-in) as you're covering MP2, and UTG (PF raiser) may not have A24x that often. You're actually representing a wheel yourself by pushing, and it is really hard not to believe from opponents' point of view, when a guy showed strength on flop now pushes it from early postion, rather than waiting for the river. If you win the pot without showdown, it would almost double your stack. Even you're called by a wheel, you have 6 outs to make a FH or quad, and 3 outs to make yourself a wheel. Not bad, and some would call with 5-set or 2nd nut low quite often near bubble.