Rakeback and initial bonus

    • seacat22
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      Hi I have read the pages on initial bonus and rakeback seems a good offer but leaves me with a couple of questions.

      So lets take an example I deposit $500. in the next 90 days I pay $525 a month in rake earning 2100 winner points each month so I would be at pro level
      according to the charts on this site my bonuses would be
      1 500 ps points for sign up
      2 $95 bonus release 6300/330 x$5
      3 $150 pro level 2100 points _= $50 x3

      so I would pay $1575 in rake and get back $235 this is nowhere near 29% rake back shown I chart
      so what am I missing?
      Is rakeback paid automatically into the account if so when?
      During the first 90 days do you get rakeback plus the sign up bonus therefore getting $544 rakeback plus $95
      hope you can help me and look forward to joining you soon
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    • TJtheTJ
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      Hi seacat,

      For reference, please see this thread which explains the VIP system at Winner Poker: Winner Poker VIP System

      If you pay $525 rake every month, that should get you roughly 6500 Winner VIP Points. You get 12.5 Points for every $1 rake you generate. That should get you to MVP status. I think you may have confused this with getting 4 StrategyPoints for every $1 rake you pay.

      With 6500 VIP Points, you can buy a cash bonus of $100. You have to pay only 4000 VIP Points for this though.

      4000 / 12.5 = 320, so you have to pay only $320 rake to receive a $100 bonus. This is therefore $100 / $320 = 31.3% rakeback.

      For your first deposit bonus, you get $5 for every 350 VIP Points you earn. If you earn 6500 VIP Points per month, that means you can get 18 bonuses of $5, which adds up to $90. This equals roughly 18% rakeback.

      So if you rake $525, you get a total bonus of $190. This is therefore equal to $190 / $525 = 36.2% rakeback.

      Hopefully this has helped! Just let us know if anything is still unclear :)

    • seacat22
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      my mistake did get ps and vip points mixed up
      thanks for reply that has cleared things up
    • smokedace
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      Last month I got rakeback, looks like rakeback for october is not coming. I dont unerstand whats wrong.
    • Lazza61
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      Hey smokedace,

      I'm not sure what's wrong. Have you tried contacting their support at poker@winner.com.