Poker newbie here!

    • Abeceda
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      I am quite new at online poker, I know the rules and I played some poker mostly on facebook (texas holdem) and with friends. I also played on some pokersites with micro stakes, such as william hill, pokerstars, bet365, expekt, partypoker. I come from Slovenia. Could you please help me just by telling me how to start? How to learn? Because there are so many videos on the internet and so many poker schools, so many poker sites... I am kinda confused.
      Thank you all in advance

      P.S I already watches about 30 poker videos in last 2 days on youtube etc. I got some information regarding preflop, etc. But I believe that there is always something new you can learn.
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    • gadget51
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      Hi there Abeceda and welcome to the English community!

      Before getting started on your poker journey, may I suggest you follow the instructions in this post.

      First suggestion is you pass the quiz - don't worry it's not tough and all the information you need is supplied. :) This will enable you to receive the free poker money to get you started, or you can always make a deposit yourself of course.

      Second I suggest you follow the link below...

      ...and choose a poker room to play at. Please follow the instructions carefully, this is very important if you wish to get full benefit from being tracked through us. Remember to come back to enter your details, (like your screen name) before getting too excited and trotting off to play (I did that)! :f_love:

      Please take note that if you already have an account at one of the poker rooms shown, you will not be able to join it again through us and be tracked, you will need to join a fresh one, ok?

      That should keep you going for now, but when you are ready, come back here and tell us a little more about yourself, like whaich games you like to play, where are you from, that sort of thing; we are quite nosey here!
      The best place to do that is here:

      Then we can get you started on learning to crush those games!

      Meanwhile, if there is anything else you need to know meanwhile, just ask and someone will know the answer.

      Best regards and have fun,

    • Harrier88
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      Originally posted by Abeceda
      I already watches about 30 poker videos in last 2 days on youtube etc.
      Do you mean strategy videos, or recordings of shows like High Stakes Poker or major tournaments?

      If it's the latter, you need to be careful about those. Not everything these pros do in high stakes live games works in micro stakes online games; in fact, some of the things they do could be quite deadly.
      Of course, there's nothing wrong with watching these videos for entertainment, and occasionally, you can actually learn something from them, but please don't try to emulate everything the pros do if you're new to poker.

      Other than that, follow what gadget51 said, and most importantly, have fun!
      This site has pretty much all the info you need to get started, so look no further.
    • JohnMarsh
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      yes poker is high mean Stakes like strategy videos, or recordings of shows like High Stakes Poker or major tournaments?