Aspers casino - triple chance

    • Paulis1992
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      I know this would sound stupid, but triple chance means you have 2 free rebuys/re-entry? Like you bust first life, then you can take a next chance for free, or you have to pay rebuy? I am beginer in live poker.

      The whole tournament info is here:
      £35.00 + £5.00 NL Hold'em - Triple Chance
      Starting Stack: 12000
      Blinds: 28 x 20 minutes
      Re-buys: Re-Entry per player for first hour.
      Info: £2000 Guarantee
      Reg. Ends: 9.00pm
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Looks like no-one here is willing to stick their neck out and guess.

      Why not contact the casino directly?

      If you're worried about looking like a noob when you phone in, give them someone else's name. :coolface:

      No, not mine :D

      Best of luck,
    • iMumu
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      im a begginer too but i do play some local games and when they say its a 'double/triple' chance, it usually means u are able to rebuy 2/3 times. unless its specifically stated 'free 2nd chance', id phone them and ask for details :P