The Best "Double Or Nothing SNG" Thread

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      I have decided to start to write a blog as a way of motivation and to keep to my plan.

      I will be playing the €20 DoN's on the iPoker Network. The only reason why I will be playing them is because I have found myself a very good deal to play on. By raking around €1800-€2000 a month I will be receiving around 90% RB and therefore I have to take up the chance to use this opportunity to my advantage. I want to be playing this format for 10 months as a chance for my self to build a bankroll and move onto to bigger and better things (especially the format).

      As having experience of DoN's before I get the jist of how to play and know ICM considerations well. Although for this format in many instances it's debatable whether the ICM is being to tight in both cases of pushing and calling ranges. Although the rake is just under 10% for this format I still do believe that it is possible to have a positive ROI if you are not playing 20 tables at a time and just auto piloting.

      This is my graph so far, 2/3 being the €20 level and the rest being €10 level.

      Targets for February:
      - At least 1000 €20 DON 6 Max SNG's to be played
      - Review games and bubble spots
      - Play continuous games rather than in sets (why the graph looks swingy?)
      - Maintain a single digit ROI
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