2/5 Live, $500 effective stacks, folds to villain on button, who raises to $15. Villain is a college educated white male mid-twenties male who is pro or semi-pro, and is a tight-aggressive opponent capable of making moves and getting many of his bluffs to go by, as well as his value bets paid off.

Hero calls SB with AdTd. BB calls and we're to the flop with $45 in. Flop AsJh3c. Hero checks, bb checks, button bets $20, hero calls, BB folds.

Turn, 9s. Hero checks to button, who fires $65 into $85.

Hero decides to call.

River Jc.

Hero checks to button, who fires $200 into a pot of $210. What's our move here? The two hundred on the end seems a little large, but he bets every street. With what hands is he doing this for value, and with what hands is he doing this as a bluff.

Here are two things I noted. He should almost never have a naked jack on the river, as he would almost definitely not bet both the flop and turn with a naked jack, so there is no way he is repping that.

He could have a set of threes, a set of jacks, AJ, AQ or AK.

But is he really going to be betting $200 with AQ or AK? Why so much buddy? It sort of seems like my hand is face up and he knows it, so is he betting cause he wants a call or is he trying to three barrel bluff me. He might even be turning a hand like A3 or A9 which was two pair on the turn, into a bluff against the chop or better kicker on the river since he only plays the 9 on the board.

What do you do?