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      Hi Ya,
      I’m Daniel, from Canada. Been playing poker off and on for maybe 3+ years. Its time for me to get active at improving my game and take part in the poker communities. Also looking for a sweat partner if anyone reads these.


      I’ve always had an obsession for games. I started collecting board games when i was young and then got into collectible card games like Magic, and others, as well as mechanisms and systems for role playing games. I think it was a natural progression to get into stocks and poker, the chance to play games you love, AND make some extra money. What could be better?
      I like to compete aggressively and i don’t want to have to deal with a team. So things like badminton, bike competitions and of course poker fit well.
      I like the idea of being able to make money while travelling. I’m sure that’s a romantic notion for lots of people. Also i grow weary of only having a 9-5 existence. I don’t want my life to be a toil, that would also include poker grinding. I want a rich experience of living, and if poker ever loses its appeal i’ll stop playing it too.
      Hoping to move up limits from what is now a profitable micro game (.5/.10, 5$sng). I haven’t been really pushing myself to see how high a limit i can go to. It’s time to start upping my game.


      I sometimes underestimate other players on low stakes and pass them off condenscendingly as donks. I make the ASSUMPTIONSit’s a donk play, and then i call as the donk lol.
      Sometimes i get myself into tough situations against on how to play on the LATER STREETS, where i stand in the hand. And tough opponents who like to 3bet, and bet/raise alot but not too much to be just donks. POST FLOP GAME.
      LET HANDS SEE SHOWDOWNS for hands showdown value instead of giving fold equity so much (pot control)
      Need to INTERNALIZE CONCEPTS MORE, Nash, ICM, and hand ranges better and how its changing on the streets, +EV, so its more automatic, through more review, and analysis.
      My games becoming a little bit too low stakes minded.
      Always room for more improvement.

      TAG - play fewer hands but play them stronger. Sort of the default ‘proper’ way to play poker and not really very exploitable.
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