1,50 45mans SnG Challenge

    • dutchboyYTB
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      Hello I will introduce myself short...

      I am a 20 years old Student.
      Electrical engineering at university of applied sciences.

      Poker is a side part of my life, I am not pro (yet) and ain't playing 40 hours or more per week, But I am improving my game tho.
      The biggest problem I walked in to was BRM.

      So I want to get more discipline with online poker and that's the reason why I start this challenge at low stakes.

      I am a profitable Live player already, but online I used to spew all my earnings in just 1 day and after that spend my whole bankroll also...

      So for the first challenge I am going to play 100 games of 1,50 45 man. together with a friend of mine. The one who has most profit after 100 games will be the winner.

      More info soon :)
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