Pot Odds quiz answers

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      I'm a little bit confused here. I've read about the "4/2" rule on the internet and also in the books and I really liked it. Let's apply it here: OESD has 8 outs, so my equity = 8 * 4 = ~32% and the pot odds = 100 / 6 = ~16%, so my equity is better than the pot odds and I can profitably call. But the answer is different. Why is that so? If I calculated my equity as 8 * 2, then my equity would be ~16% and I'd get that answer ("Call and fold are of the same value"), but why would I need to multiply by 2, not by 4? There are 2 streets left (turn and river) after all, so we multiply by 4. Can anyone explain me what am I missing here?
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