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    • Abeceda
      Joined: 04.02.2014 Posts: 27
      My name is Aljaž and I come from Slovenia. I am 19 years old and I study economy. I decided I want to upgrade my poor knowledge of poker and bring it to higher level.
      I am starting thread, however I will start reading the articles now so I will post my first homework later tonight or tomorrow morning.
      Oh and I mostly play NL Holdem :) Usually NL2.
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    • Abeceda
      Joined: 04.02.2014 Posts: 27
      Question 1: What is your motivation for playing poker?
      My motivation to play poker is to become successful in it, to become good poker player and to earn some money. I also want to improve my basic knowledge of poker and share that knowledge with other people that would one day need help with it!

      Question 2: What are your weaknesses when playing poker?
      When playing poker I often want to play preflop with bad hand like 8Qo and 9Js in early/middle position etc. I simply think in my head that this kind of hands are good, however it is obvious that they are not very powerful.
      My second weakness is that often after i call for example 0,06€ in NL2, when first 3 cards are opened on the table (flop) I dont want to fold after someone is raising. I know that I should but there is some kind of voice in my head that says call him!!!!!!!!!!
      So in other words I want to see flop too much and also when I dont have good hands I often try to overcommit!
      However my another weakness is that when I hit (10As in my hand) an A on flop I dont want to bet like 0,06€ or more but I only bet 0,02€ because I dont want other players to fold. I am not sure if that is wrong, but I think that it is, because that way I give other players a chance to get some strong hand on turn.

      Question 3: What does it mean to play tight aggressive?
      Tight aggressive means that you just do not play with everything that you get in your hands. In otherwords you dont play with every hand. You dont play with cards that look strong but are actually not and you dont play with cards that are week. It also means that after flop you dont want to bet and bet and bet, so you dont want to see turn and river every time, because you might have the 3rd best pair possible on the table for example. Sometimes you just have to let it go :) .
    • Alan883
      Joined: 03.12.2008 Posts: 1,941
      Hey Abeceda,

      welcome in Beginners' Course. It is so great to see you here. I am pretty sure you will get a lot of knowledge and everything will become more clear to you. Good luck in your course and study well.

      Our coach will be here with you soon.

      After the completion of the course i am sure you will be able to beat the lowest stakes and you will have all the background necessary to put your poker skills even to a higher level.

      Good luck.
    • BogdanPS
      Joined: 12.05.2010 Posts: 27,588
      Hello Aljaž ,

      Welcome to the course.

      For more information on each lesson please visit this link: Welcome to the No Limit Beginners Course Forums

      Good job with the first homework.

      With the help of this course (and myself) and your hard work we should be able to overcome a lot of your weakness.

      Best of luck and keep us posted.