Account frozen ?! No support via phone, no reaction via E-Mail

    • frosty40
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      After about 3 years without problems with Neteller and small transactions, I started to do some more business using their Net+ Card and become a VIP, they froze my account without prior notice.

      They already got all my documents years ago, I was fully verified.

      I tried to contact them immediately via telephone, the lady on the other side, which sounded like she's from Bulgaria or Romania, first asked me all my security questions and some transactions from my account, then she told me I account was locked due to ongoing investigations and there is nothing more she can do for me, I should write a mail to investigations and wait for a reply.

      Are you kidding ? "Waiting for a e-mail reply" is a absolute no-go when I comes to financial services of this importance. There is not only 100 $ in the account.

      So.. Now I'm waiting with my money frozen in the account for two days, I've called customer service twice, they told me to write e-mails...

      I've used the contact form, wrote two mails to investigations .. NOTHING.. Only silence..

      How can I cope with that guys ? I need to get my money out there someway..
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    • gadget51
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      Hi frosty40,

      Unfortunately all you can do in this instance is be patient. When dealing with security issues they can take some time to get to conclusion, but this is to your benefit in the end.


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      Originally posted by frosty40
      the lady on the other side, which sounded like she's from Bulgaria or Romania
      LOL what? Romanian and Bulgarian are as different as Italian and Russian...
    • frosty40
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      Still no reaction from Neteller.. The Telephone Supports says I should write an email, they have no further information.

      I write an EMail everyday.. No response, not even an autoresponder..


      What can I do ? Do I have a chance with the authorities there ?
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      Hey frosty40,

      You can send our customer support team a ticket and check if there is anything we can do in this matter. Slim chance but worth a go anyways, right?

      Best regards,
    • frosty40
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      I did that already, they did not reply. After I called them, they told me everything is still "under investigation" and it takes its time.

      Really a shame, as I really liked there service/product for the last years, never thought it would turn out so bad at the end..

      I've read about that british financial ombudsman, i'll probably have to activate them in some way.
    • frosty40
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      After > 20 Mails to Neteller, urging them to reopen my account they simply wrote me a mail that the merchant sent me the funds in error, they've returned the funds to the merchant and reopened my account.

      So I've lost > 15.000 $ and got my account again.

      If I got any problem I should clear them up with the merchant directly.

      Absolutely unbelievable SCAM what Neteller is doing there.


      I'll get the authorities in the case now, not sure how it'll turn out but I hope at least they do something.