seems there are not much full ring plo8 table on ps

    • davidgod
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      I try to learn plo8 and want to start with the fullring table
      but I find out even on the rush hour full ring table just have pl 0.02 table and fixlimite 0.05 table which is too small stake even for the beginner
      Why there is no higher stake plo8 full ring table?

      oh and I search the plo8 video in and find very few material available
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey davidgod,

      It appears PLO8 on PokerStars is dying in favour of NLO8. A lot of SnG players have also moved to NLO8. As a matter of fact there are 3 tables of NLO8 .10c/.25c running right now.

      There is still plenty of PLO8 tourneys though.


    • tonypmm
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      O8 regs are already long used to the unpopularity of PL because NL attracts true gamblers who like to shovel 20-40 bb in with close equities and a high probability of a split, i.e. last longer than in other popular poker games.

      The O8 CG community has recently been split into two camps by the decision of Pokerstars to raise the minimum BI to 40 bb in cash NLO8.

      It killed pleasure for all those 20 bb shortstacking gamblers, whom a small group of regs didn't like (why?), but what has happened is that the games are now barely running at all because ratholing regs of course didn't endorse the BI raise either and probably switched to O8 MTTs or PLO.

      But otoh, those who didn't play NLO8 because of these shorties, are now dabbling into it. Maybe it will suit you too after the change.

      Anyway, if you breathe O8 and dislike smth about the way the game is handled, go ahead and email Pokerstars about your discontent.
    • davidgod
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      nlo8 seems pretty crazy game. I buying 50 dollar on the table and a supernova guy with 200dollar + shove a25k double suited in utg+1 try to catch the 0.5 dollar blind, I happen to get a aa23 doulbe suited, and won the whole pot. Is it profitable to play like this , I spot him just play preflop seldon play post flop

      and a lot of people just push and the flop with 50 dollar plus to try to catch the 5 dollar pot , and I have to make a tight fold