Positive Neteller review :)

    • DonkeyDirk
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      Because people only make a thread here when something goes wrong with neteller i wanted to make a positve thread about it. I tried to make a deposit with Bancontact Mister Cash yesterday. The money went from my bankaccount but it did not came into my neteller account (Mister Cash is instant deposit). The status of that deposit also said "declined" in the neteller history tab.

      So i mailed support and they told me to provide a bankstatement. I provided the bankstatement to prove the money was deducted from my bankaccount and a few hours later the money was in my Neteller account. I also did not have to pay the 1,5% transaction fee :) :s_love:

      Thank you for fixing this so fast Neteller. If you do something good it should be said aswell


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