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The System of 83 different types of Points

    • kaffeeteufel
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 66
      I always get totally confused by the Reward System Party Poker uses. Now I tried to understand it by reading the information that is given (read hidden) on their homepage and wrote it down the way I understood it. As I am still left slightly confused, please tell me all the points I still get wrong.

      You get PartyPoints for every 20 raked hands you play. The number of
      PartyPoints depend on the limit you play. For example, 20 raked hands on NL50
      give 3 Points, on NL100 5 points, on NL200 8 points etc.

      For every PartyPoint you earn you get one Unvested RewardPoint. The Unvested
      RewardPoints you have collected during the last 10 weeks (=the PartyPoints you have
      collected the last 10 weeks) divided by 10 define your weekly goal. If you
      collect less than half your weekly goal you get no Collected RewardPoints that
      week, if you collect between one half and you full weekly goal, you get
      Collected RewardPoints equal to half your weekly goal. If you exceed your weekly
      goal, you get the Collected RewardPoints equal to your weekly goal plus 6/10 a
      Collected RewardPoint for each point you have exceeded your weekly goal. (i.e,
      CRP = WG + (PP-WG)*6/10, where PP are your collected PartyPoints for that week)

      Your Total RewardPoints are calculated by multiplying your LoyaltyMultiplier
      with your Collected RewardPoints.

      The LoyaltyMultiplier is determined by the number of LoyaltyPoints you have.
      You get one LoyaltyPoint every time you earn a PartyPoint. If you do not play
      for one week, you are labeled inactive, and your LoyaltyPoints drop to 1 point
      below the Points you need for your current LoyaltyLevel (i.e. your
      LoyaltyMultiplier also drops one step). For every two weeks you stay inactive,
      you drop one additional LoyaltyLevel (e.g., from K1 to Q4 or Q4 to Q3, not K1
      to Q1). As long as your LoyaltyPoints are below the maximum value you had, you
      get two LoyaltyPoints for every PartyPoint you earn.

      Which hands count as raked hands?
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    • kaffeeteufel
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 66
      So the stuff with the 6/10 for exceeding points doesn't seem to be right. I deduced that from my overview of the last 10 weeks, where this formula worked for the weeks I exceeded my weekly goal. But these were all more than four weeks ago, perhaps they changed the system since then? Last week I also exceeded my weekly goal but only got the points for the weekly goal. So now it looks to me that it is 1/2 weekly goal for points between 1/2 and full weekly goal for reaching and exceeding the weekly goal.

      Really weird all that.

      I was thinking about moving to Poker Stars and was trying to figure out which Reward System is better. Has anyone experience with both sites?

      Edit: Aaargh, now they changed my PartyPoint Statement site since this morning. Now it states that I got the number of Colloected RewardPoints equal to the PartyPoints I selected last week, so one CRP for each PP exceeding the weekly goal. Actually this is also how I understood it from their explanations on the homepage.
    • delete461
      Joined: 04.07.2008 Posts: 1,036
      You will be very pleased to know that Party Poker have simplified their points system. They now have only 70 different types of points and 13 types of points-based reward systems
    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      a Raked hand is considered where the Pot goes to the Flop regardless how many rake is taken so:
      You go preflopp all-in - someone calls = Raked hand #1
      Everyone folds, SB completes you check = Raked hand #2
      BU stealraise, SB+BB folds = No Raked Hand

      So you get 1 SPP to clear bonuses and as an addition you get reward points which are multiplied according to your loyalty level.