nl200 full tilt

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    • kukkiwonBG
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      As we speaking of that...
      I'm playing NL50 SSS and after 2 weeks I'm going to Full Tilt to play. I have the bankroll for NL100. Can you tell me what is the difference between this limits.
    • teslasecretweapon
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      Well, in my own experience NL50 on full tilt is easily beatable by SSS eaven without stats- you need to do some blind stealing, etc, but there are still a lot of fish.
      NL100 is a lot tougher, but still nicely profitable with stats, and some advanced strategy- it isnt as loose as NL50 but it is reasonably betable.
      Nl200 is is again more TAG-oriented, but still there are some exploitable players, but I wouldnt advice you to play this limit on full tilt if you stll arent shure about you SSS play from time to time, and also it is crucial that you datamine a lot before playing.
      Imo NL400 is pretty tough, with less FR tables and a lot of regulars, and really really TAGish- so you can be a lot looser in blindbattle.
      SSS is great becouse you would need a lot more skill and money to play FR NL 200 & 400. As a shortstacker, you have some small, but still very profitable edge.
      Well, good luck, see you at the tables!
    • xxxdannyxxx
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      tela do you play nl400?
      how many buy ins do you think we need to go up to nl200?
    • teslasecretweapon
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      I played NL400 for ~15k hands , I think that is much more straightforward than lower limits- there isnt much limping, there are mostly TAGs but the thing that is favorable to us SSS players is that agression factor there is much higher. Also you will easily spot fish becouse of huge deviation to the standard TAG game. If you master all SSS articles/charts and know how to use stats you can beat this game with nice profits ,imo. I currently dont play this limit no more becouse I had to withdraw almost all of my winnings to by a notebook and monitor so I can use stats & software properly (I played NL400 without stats :D , almost gambling).

      I think that for NL200 you can use 35BI rule- I did it with 30BI (you can try it too, anyway you can go back to NL100 anytime if you arent running good at NL200), but be prepared to some ugly ~20BI downswing- that happened to me. If you want to be on the safe side you can use 40 or eaven 50BI rule, but if you are constantly beating NL100 (~at least 20k hands) you can move up with 30BI becouse you wont have to change your game much exept playing more loose in late position.

      God luck in climbing limits
    • slikec
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      I play three weeks NL50 SSS at FTP and the problem is not TAG players but enormous number of players having short stack. Is just sick that wen i decide to play there i join on every waiting list with pvfp>25% and when i get on table i leave it since there are at least 3 players with 20-30BB on table:( I mean is just as bad as Titan NL50 :(
    • kanper
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      Can someone tell me how big bankroll must be to play 6 tables on NL20? Is it 30BI per table or 30BI for whole limit? And on higher limits is that rule for one table or it doesn't metter how many tables you play?
    • Axel80
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      It doesn't matter how many tables you play, this also applies for higher limits, although I would recommend a more conservative bankrollmanagement when you move up stakes. How much depends on your comfort zone and your willingness to move back down when you face a downswing.
    • Alafoe
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      You can try NL50000 cos the players there are very loose and SSS would work here perfectly
    • ihufa
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      been there, done that :D