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      Hello,my name is Alex,i m from Romania and i have been playing poker for a while now.
      At the moment i m playing on pokerstars,started playing for fun at the beginning but i found that i like it and not in the compulsive gambler way.
      I have decided to become a poker player but for the moment i have a job which is my life line X( and also o don t think i have skill set necessary to make a go of it.So here i am learning ,improving my game and for 7 months now no more deposits on my account,just playing with what i have.
      Long story short i m happy to be part of this great community and hopefyully i won t piss you off to much with noobs questions!
      At the moment i m playing 180man turbo sng going quite well ,taking on the downswing okey!
      My goal is to become a professional poker player.

      Have a great day and good luck at the tables.
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