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    • Kula7
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      I just started playing Mid stack strategy on Pokerstars Zoom NL10 and i have a few questions.

      In my first 9000 hands I am down about 35 dollars (with big swings from +50 to - 80).
      So my question is can MSS be successfully played at Zoom tables or would it be better to play them on a regular NL10 table?

      My second question is about my luck Bell curve that i got from poker tracker 4.
      My set frequency is a little below normal ( i understand that's just variance) butt my straight and flush frequency is extremly unlucky.
      Is this a normal bell curve for MSS strategy ?(

      And i must admit i don't always stick to the strategy - ( set mining with smaller pairs, raising more from the button etc...). So a few thoughts on that are also welcome :-)
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, Kula7

      One of the things about MSS is that your target is big stacks.

      I notice a lot of people playing zoom w/ less than 100 BB, so you may not have enough targets.

      NL 10 and down 3.5 BI in 9K hands doesn't seem too bad.

      Small sample size.

      Full ring or 6-max?

      Deviating is OK within reason.
      Check poker tracker to see if you lose when you deviate.

      I can't answer your poker tracker question, since I don't have it.

    • RasTweet
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      Hey Kula7

      Isn't zoom perfect for MSS players? You can sit down, double up, sit out and join again with a smaller stack.

      If you are just starting out and don't have a big sample on people I suggest you don't deviate to much. You don't know what they are going to do and you might make huge mistakes vs these guys.

      Best regards

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      For perfect MSS play you buy in with 40 BB, Zoom minimum is 50BB so you'll never play it perfectly IMO.