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      Hy, I'm in the process of establishing a game plan against average players at my limits.

      I allready studied my opponents. I know what ranges they use proflop, I'm just haveing some troubles in determing what range would be optimal against those ranges.

      I was thinking about 3-beting their open raise with a range that has 66% equity against their 3bet calling range.
      Calling with a range of hands where the bottom of my range has at least 45% equity against their open raise. I also modify it a bit so that I play more speculative hands.
      My 3 bet range will also have aproqimately 38% bluffs which will be made out of the best hands that didn't qualify into my calling range and do have blockers against opponents 3bet calling ranges.

      Do you think these numbers are ok?
      Against an OR from a reg in UTG this would relate to:



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      Hi, prevolsek
      Have you seen this series of articles?

      It may have all the answers you need.

      Check it out,
    • prevolsek
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      Hy vorpal thanks for the answer, I read it really quickly but i did listen to the video 2 times.

      I do understant the concept of how to create a game plan and all of that. The only thing I don't understand is how can I calculate which range works best against my oponents ranges.

      If I 3-bet them too much I will lose value when I hit his top range, if I don't 3-bet enough then I will loose value with my top of the range. So I'm wondering how can I calculate the optimal range?

      If my opponent opens with x-range should my 3betting range have an equity of 60,65 or 70% against his calling range?

      Furthermore when I call his OP is it ok to call it with a hand that has 40,45 or 50% equity against his range?

      I also have to have some 3bet bluffs in my range, so what is the optimal relationship between value and bluf raising? How is it calculated?