Normal speed Fifty50 - I can beat the higher(medium) limits, but not the lower ones.

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      I have been playing normal speed Fifty50'es and the result is bascially this:

      - At $7 level I barely break even. Can't remember the last time I won with the best hand. Every time someone calls my AA, KK I am guaranteed to get phucked. Same with having a dominating ace.

      Last session alone. ($7 games)

      AK vs AJ = AJ minstole, raised ALL IN, call and an obvious J on the flop. Busted on the bubble.
      AA vs 97o = 97o limped on SB, both had around 9BB, pushed, donk called. Obvious 99 on the flop. Busted on the bubble.
      AKo vs Q9o = straight into the hole.
      TT vs A3o = A on the flop. This was versus the same Q9o guy. Had a small stack left.
      KK vs KQ = Obvious QQ on the flop. Too committed to fold.
      KK vs TT = T on the turn. Busted on the bubble. Would have folded preflop had I known the villain had TT.
      AJo with 6BB left. Pushed all in from UTG. KJo called. K on the turn was not unexpected.

      And then there was a stupid move on my part where I had AJo and decided to steal ALL IN against a bigger stack, while there was one player with slightly less in chips than me left. (~10BB on the bubble). That the villain had KK should have been obvious to me.

      And then I actually got a few $ back from 2 tables. I am still amazed by the fact.

      - At $15 level I seem to be doing well.

      - And then there is the $30 level. I probably should stick to those. :D

      I can't figure out what the heck is going on. I can not play at the $15 level or higher at the moment because of bankroll issues (had to withdraw a lot). Also, the sample size is smaller for the $15 games. Still, around 250 games should indicate something? Especially considering they are normal speed ones.
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