Good afternoon!

I have a problem - whenever I reload chips (menu -> buy chips) when playing on TitanPoker minitables, player stats for one of the players of the table are shown. Given that I play 6+ tables, the process of showing player statistics slows my computer to a very large extent, sometimes I even miss action on one of my tables. Do you have any ides, what could be wrong here?


P.S. Moreover - are there any suggestions, how to make Elephant faster? I usually play 8 tables, but I have to decrease this number to 6 after some time, otherwise Elephant gets slower and slower (HUD). Thus, I have to restart my computer after 3-4 hours of play...I have approx. 35 000 hands in database at the moment.

P.S.2 Thanks for the great soft! Still some things to improve (like including fold to c-bet statistics, and making performance faster), but you have done great work so far!