had this conversation with support yesterday... I'll keep playing at PKR...

Hi, I was just playing Blaze when I received a message, saying "this table has been closed by the operator".. I'm pretty sure I still had about €3 left which seem to be gone now..

Am I hallucinating or can you explain to me what happened?



Your funds have now beet returned. Our apologies for delay.




Thanks Olev,

any reason why the table has been closed during play?



Hello ,

There is no any reason. All working good.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions,,


Ok guys, let me put it this way.. If a table closes mid-way during a game with a weird error message and money disappears for several hours, then not "all is working good"..
But thankfully this happened during my testing period and before I deposited a serious amount.

Best regards