MTT mania

    • Wee21Man
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      Hy guys, I come here from the Italian forum.
      I'm living in Dublin and I'm studying English (sorry, now my English is very bad)
      I want to start play MTT in .com sites because I play micro level but in Italy there's not a lot of MTT for my level.
      I want to play with max abi 3.
      Which poker room would you recommend?
      Is it better to play on more than one room?
      Thanks a lot :D
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    • Asaban
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      Best site for mtt's is (maybe it is from your country of residence). At the same time the big player fields lead to a lot of variance. Your bankroll management should reflect this (at least 300 avg buyins).

      Alternativly you may want to have a look at the smaller sites and networks such as IPoker (f.e. Poker770) or even Both of them offer some variety in available tournaments in the afternoon and evening.

      If you want to play a lot of tables at the same time would be your best choice. If you only play very few tables anyways and like playing in the evening, the smaller networks might be worth a look.

      An overview of all available partner sites can be found here:

      Make yourself your own picture of the different offers and tournament schedules and choose one or two that suits your interests.