Buying property in Greece

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      Hi everyone!

      I guess this is gonna be a bit of a funny concept to discuss in a poker site, but I really hope I can get some useful info.

      So it goes like this, I currently reside in Bulgaria, playing poker professionally for a few years. I was thinking to invest in a property and given how low property prices got in Greece, it's close location to Bulgaria, very pleasant climate, night life and variety of beaches- it looks like a really good deal. But I guess that can be deceptive. Without further ado, I will go directly to my ideas and questions.

      My initial idea is to look for a 1 bedroom apartment in Thessaloniki that is suitable to be rented(in case it's needed), 40 square at least, up to about 25 000, 30 000 maximum, in a good area with some restaurants, small and big shops, maybe some schools, sightseeings will be plus, low crime, but still a relatively lively area in general) with a convenient and fast connection to central Thessaloniki . If anyone can give me some info on questions below, I will be very grateful.

      :club: How are the taxes for apartments in Thessaloniki? I read it's between 3-17 euro per square metre an year
      :club: How much do the agencies charge, what documents I need as buyer from a foreign Country(still EU though)
      :club: Can anyone recommend an agency
      :club: Which is considered a good area(criteries written above)-please name some
      :club: What other places will you recommend that is a possible good investment(north Greece is preferable). I am open to other suggestions also-like a resort that can be rented if needed for the summer months and so on.
      :club: How expensive are utility bills(electricity, water, heating)
      :club: And very importantly-is is possible of course to fill up all my criteries within the listed price of 25-30k euro?
      :club: Anything that I am possibly missing that's worth considering?

      I've checked many different ads for properties and it certainly looks like I can fit, but I want to make sure.

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