hud for fifty/fifty

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      Besides some basic stuff like vpip/pfr or rfi. You definetely want to know villains shoving range with certain effective stacks, together with his attempt to steal/resteal and fold to steal/ esteal.. Some postflop stats like cbets/fold to cbets would also be useful.. But don't go in depth with these in your hud bcs 10 seat tables can become pretty messy with big HUDs on, and if you will work on adding tables rapidly (as many fifty50 regs does) you will find well organized and not too big HUDs pretty efficient.

      Oh, 3b and fold to 3bet preflop should be up with basic stuff imo.

      Hope I helped :)

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      thats all i needed ! thank you very much" :)
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      Try look up phasE89 he was a master at 50/50 I think he has a picture that shows his hud and you could copy it. Just saying. But it may not be the best for you to copy a hud. Everyone is different and has different needs.