Hi guys,

I had a horrible thing happen to me. I play on Full Tilt and one day for some strange reason It wouldnt let me log in.

Hmmm i thought....so i emailed them like the error message said. In a few days they came back to me and said i can now login again but I owe them 193 dollars from a chargeback from my credit card that I paid in like 2 months ago....!!!!

Nothing at all against full tilt...it is my favorite platform....but be aware that some things like that might happen. Now I cant play at all until i gather up the 193 dollars......which i would be doing if i was playing lol....if i stick to my strategys from this great site of course :)

Good Luck all and Dont let a downswing get u down, remember it could always be worse like in my case where you cant play at all for a while :)

Best Regards,