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      I am a Master student, romanian nationality,girl, but studying in Germany. I don't quite remember how I stumbled onto pokerstrategy but I sure am glad I did.

      I was introduced to Hold'em by some friends during my undergrad and we used to play a winner take all tournament on weekends. Since I was just starting, I was making a lot of mistake, managed to win just once but just out of pure luck.
      However the game never lost its appeal and I decided to get better at it. I opened an account (real money) with and started playing. I had read somewhere it would be nice to start at limit hold'em but that was a huge mistake for me, since I had only played no limit and so i went from 25 to 12 dollars in no time :P . After that I said no more :) , switched to No limit games and managed to get to 50 dollars by playing 0.02/0.04 games and SNG's.

      I would also consider this somewhat lucky, since without playing smart, knowing the strategies presented here, I never managed to get too far ahead. My bankroll at PKR is fluctuating a lot around 30 dollars now. Never going above 50.

      Now I am redeeming myself :) I am trying to increase the 50 dollars deposit with Fulltilt and increase also my old account with PKR.

      It's a shame I received the money for fulltilt sometime in may I think, right after opening the account, and I was so busy during the summer, no time to play and the bonus expired in the beginning of September, with me managing to release just 5 dollars, but hey :) at least i still have the 50 which is now about 63 :)

      So anyways, good luck to you all and thanks to pokerstrategy.com for giving awesome opportunities to people who want them :)
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