Ultramegacardrack Mode!

    • MikeyH
      Joined: 08.10.2008 Posts: 181
      Since joining a few weeks ago my bankroll was on a constant slide down for 3500 hands eventually stopping (yay) at 13BI. The next session of 1000 hands was my first up day with 6.6BBl/100.

      Then I got sick and have done 2 short sessions over past 2 days (cant concentrate long enough). During these 2 sessions of 240 hands total I have become a card rack. AA x 5 QQ x 4 KK and JJ x 1 each, about 5% of the total hands dealt.

      I was actually laughing out loud every time I saw them.

      I am now only 2BI down from my starting point (I am up overall due to bonus releases and rakeback).
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    • EarBuds
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      Yeah we all have those days. Perfect example tho of how as long as you play smart and use BRM, everything will always work out. I was recently watching stack after stack disappear then like 2 days ago everything changed, i was 9 tabling and big pairs just started comming. Over like 1500 hands i got AA prob 3 or 4 times, Kings like 3 times, Quens probably 6 times, and strangely i got JJ i think around 15 times.... no idea lol. Anyways very good job bro, keep it up.
    • TribunCaesar
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      Haha, I had that on sunday in the warm up. At the final 2 table stake I got the following hands right after each other:
      AA - won small
      AKs - lost all-in to AQs
      QQ - won nice pot
      KK- got the bilds
      AA - doubled up

      I was laughing so hard!

      :D :D :D :D :D :D :D