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How do i check tracking?

    • zokiy
      Joined: 19.10.2008 Posts: 2
      Hello, I play on PokerStars and i wonder if my account is tracked by pokerstrategy? can someone tell me how do i check this?

      Also i have another question... While i played on PokerStars i should have some FPP but my Cashier says 0 ... Why is that? I went and checked the rules how to get points it says:

      "First Frequent Player Point (FPP) is awarded for playing a hand in which the rake reaches:

      * $0.40 for fixed limit poker games with stakes $1/$2 and lower"

      Can someone explain me what does that mean? I play fixed limit games that are lower than $1/$2 ... Does that mean, every time i win a hand and gather at least $0.40 from other players i should earn a FPP?

      If that's the case, i should at least have 50 FPP so far, but why does my Cashier say 0?

      Can someone explain me in the detail how does this thing work?

      Thank you for any help,
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    • Sutton
      Joined: 14.09.2008 Posts: 56
      To check if your pokerstars account is tracked by pokerstrategy go to the homepage and select "My Profile", this is highlighted in red to the right of the page. Here you can see all of the accounts that are currently being tracked by pokerstrategy. (Note:If your account with stars was created before you joined pokersrategy I don't think it is possible for it to be tracked.

      As for rake, this is how pokersites make their money. Each site takes a percentage of every pot, (when it is big enough), this is the rake.

      Info on what rake pokerstars collects can be found in their FAQ section in the help tab.*

      FPP require that you are dealt into a hand where a certain amount of rake has been collected by stars for that hand.

      so "$0.40 for fixed limit poker games with stakes $1/$2 and lower" means that you will be awarded 1 Fpp if you were involved in a hand where pokerstars collected $0.40 rake.

      * You can see on this "rake page" that pokerstars will not collect $0.40 rake untill the 0.25/.50 limit and as they take $0.05 rake from every dollar in the pot you would need a pot of $8 before the rake is enough for you to collect 1 FPP.

      I don't know what limit you can reasonably expect to start earning FPPs, I'm sure someone else here will though.

      Hope this helps, (and that my information is correct).
    • zokiy
      Joined: 19.10.2008 Posts: 2
      Yes, that absolutely answered to my questions, thanks so much!
    • redskwerl
      Joined: 03.03.2008 Posts: 3,812
      you need to play at least $0.5/$1 FL to be able to clear stars bonuses (ie. earn FPPs) in a reasonable amount of time
      it's possible to do it at $0.25/$0.50 too, but it will take a ridiculous number of hands