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!MicroFish Wants To Be A Shark 6max NL!

    • teganpoker
      Joined: 10.03.2012 Posts: 8
      Alright then gents some lowdown on myself before we get to the nitty gritty of my blog.

      29 years of age/welshman/currently living in beautiful sydney with my wonderful wifey.

      Been playing poker online and in real life for around 4/5years mostly ill admit as a losing player.I don't feel im a total spewing donk but obviously i have a LONG way to go to improve.

      To start this year i decided to arm myself with some tracking software and get a decent amount of volume with stars.Due to real life commitments i cant play massive sessions in terms of time so i decided ZOOM will be the format i want to progress through the levels with.I also chose 6max over fullring as i prefer to play a little looser than fullring allows.

      I started the year with 5nl but as you'll see through the following graphs things haven't gone particularly well and i am about to reinvest into a new bankroll :)

      So too the numbers :

      Since January i have played just under 25k hands of 6max poker.
      I have a current winrate of -17.5 bb/100

      What was crazy was i went on a super heater for the first 3khands and was actually at my highest winrate when first starting this adventure ever since then it seems i have been on the way further down and down.

      My personal stats are:

      First off what i really need at this point is for someone to reassure me that even though im loosing im not doomed to be a looser forever!A lot of blogs i read are just super success stories with uber graphs growing through the roof. Does anyone out there have graphs showing them turning things around this would make me feel better and give me the confidence i think i need.

      From now to focus i think i will be posting every sessions results on here so perhaps the community can get behind me and help me become the better player that i know i have deep down inside me!

      Some questions;

      I know reviewing hands is very important but a lot of the time i just feel like i cant critically analyze the situation very well and just write off a bad decision as being 'stupid' and moving on - any tips for practical learning on the back of session reviews?

      What is the best way to work out my biggest leaks?

      None of my friends share my passion for the game i really feel like a 'partner' would do wonders for my game-any offers?

      Is it ok to have a aggressive bankroll management for the micros? I guess not whilst im still a 'loosing player'?

      What bb/100 does the rake account for a 5nl on stars?

      How much better off would i fare on non zoom games or is this a non answerable question?

      I really appreciate people taking the time to comment and read this.this. Im definitely not the most exciting blog you've seen but i PROMISE you and myself i will turn myself into a micro crushing shark during the writing of this blog.


      Signing out
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    • OoT4NKoO
      Joined: 01.10.2012 Posts: 92
      Good morning,

      For Pokerstars rake look here.

      I find myself in a similar situation to you; wanting to improve but not necessarily going the best way about it. I have stated a blog too, I'm hoping it will keep me on track, I will add you as a friend on here and send you my skype name so we can talk on there about poker, studying and other shit if you like?

      I live just the other side of the bridge in Gloucester, what made you leave the sunny shores of Wales for Australia...Or is that a stupid question!?

      I am in the mindset now that anyone can improve as long as they put the hours in, I compared poker to my career, I didn't get good at what I do just by sitting at a desk mindlessly working away for hours on end, I got good at what I do because I went to college and albeit I wasn't the best for revision for test I worked my bollox off on coursework and classwork, which is now what I need to do with poker!

      Anyway enough from me, let me know if you want to pair up for this journey, at-least it'll keep you sane having someone to talk to about things!

      Good luck.

    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi teganpoker and welcome to the blogging section!

      That's a nice horrendous 'win'rate you have there - actually mine is very similar at the moment- so this blog idea and getting some support and learning partners seems like a great plan and shows you really want to improve. Good start. :)

      I will suggest you check out the big green banner at the bottom of this post, it takes you to loads of information about our learning materials; just click the ones you need and off you go!

      Of course also check the coaching timetable, they are kept for a few days after the sessions finish if I recall, so even you upside down guys can watch them at your leisure! (that'll teach you for leaving my lovely Wales. :P )

      so anyway, good luck with the blog, enjoy your learning, make sure to update regularly and get the winrate back to a plus sign!