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    • stantos
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      Hi guys

      Iv'e noticed NL20 SH is alot looser compared to some of the videos on our site. I have some questions.

      How do you deal with this? Bigger raises? Tighter hand selection?, then bam hit em with the nuts ? or go with it and see what happens?

      I'm somewhat confused i'm finding it difficult and have fallen into the "there going to call my raise anyway, so i'll limp" trap.

      I understand that my hand selection is wider (as per SHC) but i'm finding it hard to know where I am post flop. when normally I have a good understanding.

      Please help, any comments, helpful links etc welcome :D


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    • TribunCaesar
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      Hey stantos,

      concerning bigger raises - tighten up a bit and try to find out what it means when you really have a hand - then you can adjust.

      If they call your raises anyway - hey, that's good. Don't limp too much, think in terms of equity. Is your range ahead of his range? If so, raise!

      Best regards,