Rakeback change?

    • dylboi011
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      Any info on how this effects pokerstrategy rakeback?

      We are writing to inform you of adjustments being made to existing and future PKR rakeback structures. These changes will come into effect from 1 March, 2014. The new structures will be as follows:

      Monthly Net Rake* Rakeback
      $0-$24.99 0%
      $25-$149.99 10%
      $150-$449.99 20%
      $450+ 32%

      This change allows us to offer more generous promotions and bonuses for both existing and new players, aimed at attracting and encouraging more recreational players to PKR. The revised rakeback structure continues to be competitive and rewarding for regular players, and we hope you will appreciate the importance of the need to evolve and stay competitive.
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    • Brdjan
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      I just got it too. Will we keep 30% or switch to this RB system?
    • dylboi011
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      How will it also change their VIP program they do every month, (earn ~500k pkr points you get 1000$ back)
    • benaars
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      I received an email as well.

      I think it shouldn't affect PS members, since PS did promote their site (PKR) just about a month ago ofc including the info of a flat 30% rakeback. Well imagine someone went there because of these promo's and nearly after a month they announce this. Unfair, IMO>

      Lets hear from PS'
    • TJtheTJ
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      Hi all,

      We're currently looking into these changes that PKR might be implementing. We haven't received any exact details yet though. We hope to get more information as soon as possible and we'll then of course inform you accordingly :)

      So stay tuned for that.