Feedback for my performance as a horse (possibly as a backer later on :f_wink: ) is welcome here.

03.03.2014 edit:

*** Package 1 summary *** (selling thread link)

Tourney on stake: $215 Sunday Million 8th Anniv - Pokerstars, March 2nd, 14:30 ET (T# 868078392)

Gross profit $0
Net profit -$215

Stakers' net profits (aka minus the amounts collected from them)

FFRRAANNKKIIEE (16%) -$29.96
TheNutsCracked (4%) -$7.91
VorpalF2F (4%) -$7.79

As per this post of the selling thread, investors have been awarded with free shares in Irish Open ME in case I qualify through specified satellites (total BI = €53.20 incl. fees), as a compensation for the bad play.