A new player's Micro SnG Journey!

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      Hello, my name is Kristaps, I'm 19(Turning 20 in 2 weeks) and I'm from Latvia.
      Right now I am taking a year in between High School which I graduated and University because I was quite in a slump so I decided to figure myself out and sort all of my thoughts, and now I'm stoked to start Uni in September, but until then, I'll work on Poker and a few other things which I will discuss further in to the blog.
      I first started playing Poker and got introduced to it by a bunch of friends in 8th grade, of course it wasn't anything serious, but hey, winning some extra lunch money was nice :D , losing? Not as much :) . I stopped playing in 10th grade and almost three years later here I am, studying articles on PokerStrategy and playing online on PokerStars! I started playing on a more or less day to day basis around 2 weeks ago, even though I'm still playing only 2-3hours daily I feel like I am slowly progressing as a player and developing a better mindset towards the game and while in session. Do I expect to play more and perhaps, make a career out of it? Yes, I expect to play more in due time, but I'd rather not discuss the career question, because I feel like dreams are a mental lubricant which is unnecessary and weakens the mindset of a person, sure, everyone has dreams, but dreams aren't goals, you can keep dreaming forever, but it takes a strong personality to strive and achieve your goals, so what I will do is set short-term goals that are doable with my current skill level which will also be written below, also applies to RL goals.

      What do I play?

      As stated in the Subject, I am playing Micro SnG's($1.50 9-man standard) on PokerStars under the tag "raprockl0l"
      I also have to add that I play Freerolls from time to time.
      I chose SnG's because I feel like they're easier for a new player as opposed to NL cashgames.
      I expect to branch out to NL Cashgames in due time though.
      Starting Bankroll: $70

      Short-Term Goals:

      *Double my bankroll($140) (Deadline April 1st)
      *Study and do the Theoretical part for driving school(Deadline April 1st)
      *Do an entry exam in English(Deadline 15th of March)
      *Apply to a University in Copenhagen,Denmark(Deadline 15th of March)
      *Don't fail eating right(2 Weeks in)
      *Study Poker more often

      So far...
      During the first few days I started playing I dropped 8 tables in one day -$12
      And a few more during the first week, which in total made around -$21
      In between week one and two I studied a bit of Poker and started making the right calls and currently my bankroll is $72.40(+$2.40), I still undoubtedly make bad calls, but I am slowly eliminating the amount of them. Right now, if I feel like i'm tilting I'm just gonna stop and review and be done with the session for the day. Also, if I drop 3 tables in a row I'm taking a break.

      All in all, I will try to update the blog at least once a day, meaning I also might update it more than once a day :) .
      Hope you'll stick around with my journey, so yeah, stay tuned!
      I might also drop some questions in here for more experienced people to answer if they feel like it.
      My playlist for grinding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U3FPoKBBjk&list=FLlinu1bFe2nnCZH54y8Qymw
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      Hello Kristaps and welcome to blogs. :)

      Wow, 19, I remember being 19, well actually it was so long ago I don't really! :D

      I think you are spot on in that updating regularly you will show you are trying and posting a few hands and thoughts will get replies I am certain. Good plan.

      I wish you well and will keep an eye on your progress to, even though I'm no good at all at SnGs.

      Good luck with the studies at uni to, when I went I really did have the time of my life up to that point.

      Have fun and don't forget to keep us updated! :s_cool:

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      -3.68 Today, nothing major, but still pretty unpleasant, considering how I played, played 4 tables, lost 3 and placed 3rd in the 4th, the games were really boring and passive as opposed to my previous experiences. I got hit by RnG(at least I think so until further study) pretty badly several times, I'd have AKs, naturally I'd raise preflop which I did, I'd get a re-raise to all-in which I called(Questionable I suppose even though I took in to account that he'd have AQ/QQ/AK), he had A5os, flop was Axx, the turn was irrelevant and river was a 5 so I just plain lost to two pairs.

      Overall I think I still call in to pots I shouldn't go in and I need to control my play a bit more and start thinking a few steps ahead, gonna check my hand history and plays rest of the evening.
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      Today is slightly better, played 6 sng's and took 2 3rd's, got better at spotting flawed play but I feel like i'm really inconsistent right now, I guess I should devote more time to studying poker, even though my mindset is right and I've learnt the SNG strats(which i don't follow 100% of the time though).

      My aim for today is to take a closer look at determining the opposite players range because I feel like this is getting me right now. Update in the evening and will also play another 5-6 tables.
    • raprockx
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      Update: Unfortunately didn't play yesterday and was sorting papers for uni admissions and went on a date :D , I expect to play today and I should build up a more strict schedule if I want to try and succeed, else it's just not gonna go anywhere.

      Update #2: Three tables, solid play, but perhaps went a bit too far with the deciding losing hands, Played 3 tables and lost 3. Really feeling like making a 5+ hour grinding session and seeing how it goes, because it is hard to evaluate how terrible I am lol.