Junglemans advice how to win 6 Million

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      jungleman12: taktloss, if you would like

      jungleman12: i have some advice for you

      jungleman12: regarding a matter of great importance

      taktloss47: shoot

      jungleman12: that avatar

      jungleman12: ive tried it

      jungleman12: it doesnt win

      jungleman12: i switched to the monkey

      jungleman12: and i won 6m on ft

      taktloss47: thx man, really appreciate it

      jungleman12: np man

      taktloss47: it worked yesterday though

      jungleman12: variance

      taktloss47: especially in confused mode

      jungleman12: ah i didnt try that one

      jungleman12: very sneaky

      taktloss47: confused cat is sneaky
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