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SNG 18-Man Turbo - Leaks

    • DSharkP
      Joined: 16.09.2012 Posts: 188
      Hey all,

      I've been playing the sng's 18-man on Stars lately, and last night after my last session, i took some time to analyse what i was having problems with, and decided to write it out in a paper.

      I - There's always loads of high-blind limpers, for instance this happens a lot when i am on the BB or SB , in the HUD I am looking at the VPIP Stats to see if he limps a lot, and usually i just shove a wide range of hands.
      My question here is, what type of hands should i be raising here ? Because i sometimes make a shove with any 2, and not sure if this is the optimal play.

      II -Final Table play, what would you do , when the FT is even ( stacks ) and at your left side the two players are very loose ones, making it hard to steal ?
      I believe i had only 4 tables with this happening, however need to cover all of my bases lol

      III - In the HU play, i think is my biggest leak right now, i am losing too much value and finishing 2nd.
      Usually i am playing HU with around 12-16 BB , should i use SAGE or is there any other "strategy".

      I've tried basically Raising my good hands ( Ax, K9 , 22-77* Broadways ) , and limping all my trash ( not folding ) and limping aswell my Premium Hands, since the villain usually starts re-raising me or shoving on my limps, but i dont feel this is working that well due to the stack sizes and cannot just wait for a good hand or premium that long specially limping all the hands on the sb

      IV - This is simple, when i am using Poker Stove and comparing x hands to x ranges (%) , what kind of equity should i be looking for ? 51% ? more ?

      Thank you for your time,
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    • pauln
      Joined: 15.03.2010 Posts: 191
      I'm a 9 man player not 18 man but I'll address the questions I think I can answer.

      1. Yes to an extent, it's situation dependent and tends not to be right with ATC (although sometimes is). I suggest using software like holdem resources calculator or ICMizer to analyze these situations.

      3. Use SAGE or a nash chart

      I prefer using a nash chart personally. As for deviating to exploit, recreational players will be calling tight of nash 90% of the time so you can shove a bit wider than nash to exploit. I'd also recommend calling slightly tight of nash against these players as they will typically also be shoving tight.

      I'm not an expert on heads up but I'm decent enough against average single table sng players. Depending on stack sizes I'd rather min raise my premiums/better trash (calling shove w/ premiums and folding better trash) and straight shoving my good non premium hands. I experimented with limping and now only do it when I feel I've got the other guy solved post flop heads up.

      4. This is entirely situation dependent, a big factor is the icm tax which is more of a factor in different parts of the SNG (and will vary depending on the payout structure). ICM tax effectively makes a 50% equity call unprofitable for both players (remaining equity going to to the other players in the SNG).

      I've added you on the community tool and would be happy to answer other questions you have and look at hands on skype.