Online poker in America

    • vaulsc
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      I live in New Zealand, I've never been to USA and don't know any players over there, personally.

      Out of curiosity, since I heard that a lot of poker sites prevent Americans from playing online for legal reasons, how would you go about playing online if you live in a state like California? Are there still some ways or sites that allow you to play online?

      Sorry, but I'm oblivious over here :)
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, vaulsc,

      I believe that it is possible to legally play poker online in some states.
      I don't think California is one of them though

      google ""us legal online poker"

      there is a bunch of stuff to wade through, and I have no idea how legit any of it is.

      All the best,
    • Harrier88
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      Many professional and semi-professional players actually left the country, mostly to Canada, since it's right across the border. Obviously, this was not really an option for recreational players.

      I've heard that there are still a couple of sites that allow U.S. players, but I don't know if that applies to all states or if there are other limitations.

      I'd give you a link to a website with more information, but I'm not completely sure if it is allowed over here, so just stick with the Google search that Vorpal recommended.
    • VorpalF2F
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      The legal problems with online poker in the US involve the money -- specifically the transfer of it to/from the players.

      Bitcoin based sites do not have this problem, so US based players can play there.

      However there are several things that would discourage me:
        There is total anonymity -- collusion becomes virtually impossible to detect, since you never know who is at your table.
        Stakes are (usually) in the order of 1/1000 bitcoin -- so roughly NL 100
        Bitcoin itself is dangerous. Some bitcoin exchanges have recently been "robbed"
        Lack of regulation -- all other sites that I know of post somewhere who licenses them. If such things exist, they were not visible on any bitcoin based site I checked.

      So for me, I'm staying away for the time being.

      I was considering investigating and experimenting with bitcoin, but hadn't got around to it yet.

      The the most recent fiasco at MtGox and I'm even more eager to "keep it real"