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    • Terbo977
      Joined: 09.09.2011 Posts: 10
      Well a little about me first,

      The first time I played poker was back in 2008 when a few friends invited me over to play, €5 each to play, thought why not, they showed me how to play and i won that night, luck was on my side anyway. Thought id try it online which took me to full tilt poker before it was shut down, I only played micro stakes but i could'nt make any money, to which looking back now my play was not very good, playing nearly all the hands I could which I now know is not the best thing to do at all. I never really studied anything regarding poker, odds and outs just didnt set with me at all, which is a huge mistake to make. But im determined to play much better now and to study as much as I can. anyways enough about me.

      What is your motivation for playing poker:

      Well my main motivation when I started was for the money, thinking I was good after winning one game with my friends was a mistake, But after thinking about it alot more and watching the pro's I have now realized its much more than that to me now.
      I want to win tournaments, I want to be as good as I know I can be, money is now only a extra, which is good but I really want to go for a braclet one day, UKIPT Dublin or Irish open would be one Id love to get, cant see myself getting a world championship anytime soon but thats the dream I hope I one day could achieve :)

      What are your weaknesses when playing poker?

      Well I could say I have a weakness for chasing cards, I still have to get the odds into my head which I hope I will soon. but chasing cards, is one.

      I also find that if I have a monster hand, I seem to get read by the other players, If I know I have the best hand, If im on the turn I dont seem to value bet, but go all in, then the other player folds, which I know if i maybe bet a small amount he would of called. So thats something I really need to look at.

      2nd last one I can think of is cash games, NL is what I would play, but I rarely seem to make anything, maybe the odd few cent but nothing big, I think after reading a few posts here is not to think of it as money but to think of it as chips, so I hope to work on that.

      And last thing..Sorry for the wall of text!! I seem to find MTT hard, I keep getting bust out early or if I get a good bit in ill bust out due to not having anymore chips, as im trying to get a good hand and keep getting blinded or antied out trying to find a good hand to play with alot of the players having 10 to 20 times more chips, being afraid to play any hands.

      What does it mean to play tight aggressive?

      I think that playing tight aggressive is to only play good hands, folding most of the time, playing aggressive is to push other players into going all in with you, to force people into a place they dont want to be in, to make them have mistakes.

      Right well I hope that novel isn't to much reading and I hope to get some great advice from people.

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