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      Hi all and welcome to my 3rd attempt at blogging :f_p: ....

      Again alittle about me, my names Wayne , Im from New Zealand (kia ora)but moved with my beautiful wife n two beautiful kids to Perth , Australia (Gidday mate) :f_grin: .
      I consider myself to be a recreational player and a fish at that, playing on and off for last 8 or so years....Yet to make any big cashes in any MTTs which i preferr to play.
      My main focus for this blog is to record my progress in Zoom cash tables , 6handed BSS starting at NL2 and beyond......My starting BR after smashing it on sunday satilites n mtts will be


      - NLH cash nl2+ Zoom
      - Posting hands for evaluation in forum
      - Learn more with poker articles/videos and maybe future coachings
      - Manage poker time in with general life :f_o:

      Obviously wife n kids are first n foremost so my first task is to plan out best time for me to play, how much hands/time i will play in a session and what days are best suited as I wont play every day so with I leave you with a little old skool sounds ..enjoy n may the cards run good for you :s_cool:

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