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      Good afternoon,

      I am looking to put together a dedicated study group for people who want to improve their game and progress through the stakes. At the moment I am 26, from the uk and currently playing NL10 and studying as much as I can. Please read my blog here this will give you a bigger insight to who I am and what I am about.

      Some of the structures I see featuring in the study group.

      • Skype chat and calls to discuss real time issues, spots and problems.
      • Structured reviewing of content which will help each member see a different perspective of what we are studying.
      • Possibility of a group coaching with a private coach on here.
      • Sweat sessions.
      • Reviewing each others play.
      • Hand analysis.

      I'm sure there are many more points we can implement into our study group, this is just a basic introduction of what I envisage...If this interests you please add me with the community tool and comment below then I'll forward my skype details and we can discuss further.


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