Best new player packages?

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      Hi everyone!

      I'm fairly new to on-line poker and have not signed up at all the big name rooms as yet. I was wondering if anybody has any tips on who offers the best package to new players ?

      So far I have found Corals to be far and away the most generous - With a £5 deposit you receive 5x 5EUR SnG tokens, 2x 1EUR SnG tokens, £5 in instant cash after earning 1 VIP point, and a 200% pending bonus of £10 released in £5 chunks for every 300 VIP points earned. That is really fantastic I thought, and obviously if you are depositing a larger amount the 200% bonus could be worth a whole lot more.

      Anyway, this isn't a plug for Corals (though I do hope the above is useful to other members!) - I'm hoping there are other rooms offering great packages too and thats what I am interested in. I don't have huge amounts of money to deposit and don't really play high enough stakes to make clearing enormous welcome bonuses a possibility (much as I would love to!) so really I am most interested in free tokens or VIP points, side games bonuses, anything which offers fun and profit potential to a rec player I guess?

      Thanks for reading :)
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