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      Hi Everyone!

      I'm an Swiss Informatican who's playing poker since 2005. Introduced to the game during weekly pokersessions with my Friends (5 Card Draw, later NLH Cash Game and Tournament) i started to playOnline @FT one year ago. Due massiv Ups and Downs i started to read some Books about NLH and Poker in General.

      I play live Cash Game on 0.25 / 0.50 CHF Blinds, SnG's, and Little Tournaments with Buyins arround 50 - 100 Chf. Online im actualy registered @ FT & PP playing NLH 05 / 10 Cash Game, SnG's 1 - 2 CHF (9 - 180 Plyrs) and Freerol Tournaments.

      As in real Life im winning very often some nice amounts, i was searching for a Strategy to reduce losses against mad callers and onptimize my Profit to build a good Bankroll - i found it here, i hope!

      Cheers u!
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