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    • WildBeans
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      I assume you're talking about pokerstrategy points? And I assume that when you say "games" you mean Sit nGos?

      On FT, you get 2 points for every $1 rake. So it depends what you're playing.
      Which of course has nothing to do with winning them: Each SNG will charge an amount that goes into the the prize pool, plus a fee. So for example, a $10 + $1 SNG means that $10 goes to the prize pool, and the house takes $1. -- that would in fact give you 2 strategy points.

      hope that helps.
    • 118Hither
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      sorry i didnt explain the second part correct.

      ive just started and playing in the $1+25c and i'm curious to know how many games players have taken to get the bank up to $72 to move up a level in play.

      I suppose i'm asking what is the average ROI that people at the limits are experiencing?