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Does Cashing Out Always Equal Bad Luck?

    • xxbchxx
      Joined: 17.09.2008 Posts: 55
      I Cashed out the other day from PP after a nice little run with a very small initial deposit.
      But since I've gone back on with my leftovers I've had such poor luck, I'm not a believer of "The Poker Sites Rigged" etc but I'm sure someone somewhere is watching my hand and having a big laugh at my expense.....
      I was in a $2 turbo 10 seater
      Short stacked with 5 plrs left.
      I had 10 10 so went all in....had a caller with Q8s, I doubled up!
      Next hand I had AKo so went all in called with 88, I hit my A. I doubled up again (now just off chip leader) lovely jubbly.....
      Next hand I get KK so I called because I thought any plr with an A would call so I was willing to muck it if an A come on the flop.
      BB checked so only two of us in the pot.
      The flop was Ks Qh 5d
      I checked and the other plr bet 800...I called as the flop wasn't scary in the least. (I had trip Ks)
      Turn was 5h so I now have a fullhouse.
      Plr bets 2K.
      I push All In plr calls.
      Plr has Kd 5c (he has trip 5s)
      River comes....................................................Yep I bet you've guessed already ..........................5s Plr gets four of a kind 5s.
      I could just about manage to stay on my chair,/.,/.,
      Still im not bitter "That's Poker"
      Bad Beat?? I mean the only thing I can take from this is don't ever slow play anything even with the best intentions of folding it if you don't hit......From now on I'm pushing all the way.
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    • Yoghi
      Joined: 10.09.2007 Posts: 14,387
      I think you should also look at yourself in this situation. Do you really play that good that you can't go through a streak of bad luck? Or might it also be that you're not as good as you think, possibly even tilt?

      Also, I don't know how many buyins you lost, but in turbo SNGs you can easily lose 30 buyins.