I don't know about you, but I'm getting a bit tired of reading the same things again and again every single day:
"the online poker favours the underdogs in the hand"
"my aces(kings, AK) get cracked every time"
"the poker sites help the fish get their hands to get more action"
I'm not a winning player also. I'm so damn angry at myself that for 4 months my bankroll is still at the starting position, BUT I know that its my fault. Period.
I've even read a thread from some guy a week ago (no offence), that he has done RESEARCH and it pointed towards the fact that online casinos favour the dogs. So my question is: If you are so certain at this fact why don't you play just the marginal hands?!?
To the guys that lose 80% of the times that they play kings or queens I can tell - don't play them then. Nobody's going to punish you for deviating from the strategy. If it doesn't suit you - change it. Although I cannot see how can a hand like that be loosing. And if it is can you tell me what is a winning hand?!?
There are times that I also ask myself if poker is just luck. Usually at these times I just look at the tables that I'm currently playing and after seeing the first guy that busts his buyin with Q7o I feel a lot better
I don't know if online poker is rigged or not. I just don't care. I love the game and even if I lose my entire bankroll I will freeroll my way back and will continue playing.
So that's my advice: Don't lose your fun in poker. I don't know if it is right or wrong - It works for me!
See you all at the tables!

Best wishes,
Yours sincerely