Poker mentality

    • Jeffers16
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      Generally im not a very level headed person and it doesnt take much for me to rage out over a loss in pretty much any game. So when i first started playing poker I was very anxious about the whole 'bad beat' idea, having watched poker on TV and seen the pros handle it in their own ways, ranging from the Phil Hellmuth storming around the table complaining how much of a donk the other person is to someone like negreanu just shrugging it off and congratulating the other person.

      Its taken a while but now I think i am finally at the stage where, aslong as I made the correct plays, getting a bad beat doesnt affect me much. It feels great and I can say that it has even affected me outside poker, people saying that I have a much calmer approach to most things.

      So thanks to all the articles and threads on here that helped me get to this stage! :)

      Just felt i needed to write this after having my ATs beaten heads up by A4o, I had started heads up with about 10% of the total chips and managed to get up to pretty much even, before he made a straight on the flop :(
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    • Ave27
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      ya i never used to take bad beats very well, but after joining it all changed.
    • TheBrood
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      Its hard to take bad beats because after you patiently wait for half an hour, your KK gets beat by QQ, AK or something worse...
      However, if noone ever made a bad beat, poker would be boring, there would be no fish and we would be "out of a job" so to speak =)

      Sometimes non-poker related stuff around us can affect our game too. I try to identify these things and avoid them...