10 cent MTT = £640+$6

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      Hi everyone,

      At half time in the West Brom vs Hull City game it was 0-0. So me and my brother lumped on Hull City to win at an amazing price of 3/1 (dont ask how the bookies gave these odds). We both put forward £80 each. 20 minutes into the second half Hull City had scored 3 goals, which secured our combined win of £640.

      My brother came up with the idea, that we both play in a 10 cent 360 MTT SnG on stars. Then the person who gets the furthest takes the full £640. My brother went 1st and secured a solid 16th place. Which with the huge variance in these, put him in with an excellent chance of the £640.

      Then I played mine......

      My A5 was beat by K6 HU. So I finished 2nd.

      But hey, that was good enough to secure $6, and a nice £640.

      I just thought it was quite funny, as he was absolutely certain he had an easy £640.

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