BSS Beginner Video?

    • thedahl
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      I would really like a BSS starting video, just explain what your mind should go through in hands, what information you are going off of (SHC etc.) and how to analyze your play. Watching the coachings are also great, but a n00b guide would be really handy.
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    • cannell555
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      Hi thedahl,

      The lowest BSS video's should help you with some of your concerns.

      If you still have doubts about certain things, I'd advise you to visit Hasenbraten's BSS public private coaching. You will be able to ask him about your specific concerns. Also you could do the coaching with Hasenbraten, which would be a great way to ask and learn. He can find any leaks you have, and is a great opertunity for a free coaching.

      This will be of alot better help than any video, and you can ask specific questions.