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      Hello, my name is Mark and I am an alcoholic.

      Nah just kidding :D

      I have joined this site because I want to improve my poker ability, not just for the free bankroll. ;)

      I have played poker for about 6 years now and like most started playing online.

      In those 6 years I have probably made a profit of around $2000 if I include my live tournament earnings.

      Notable wins have been a first place in Newcastle for £1100, a couple of wins in Glasgow for around £1000 and a few final table finishes.

      Online my only multi table win so far has been the $10 tourney at Stars for a win of $1900.

      So you are thinking why is he only around $2000 in profit then?

      Well my cash game play is appalling. I can't find any more expletives to describe my cash game play without getting banned from the forum. :D

      Really looking to follow all the advice here and start earning what I think I should be earning by starting my game from scratch and building it up from there.

      As I type I am grinding at the .02/.04 NL at Mansion which is weird but I am showing a profit which can only be a good sign.

      Good luck at the tables everyone.
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